Terms and Conditions of M&S Loyalty club Czech Republic


These are the conditions that apply to your membership in the loyalty card program (“Loyalty Program” or “Program”) of Marks and Spencer Czech Republic, a.s., BB Centrum – Building D, Jemnická 1138/1, Prague 4 – Michle, 140 00, Czech Republic, Company Registration No.: 649 49 974, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Insert No. 3820 (“Marks and Spencer” or “We”) and for the allocation of M&S Points for purchases made with your M&S Card. These conditions are in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC, General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). The loyalty program allows you to obtain points from Marks and Spencer Czech Republic, a.s. when paying for Marks and Spencer goods or services using your M&S card. At the same time, in connection with your membership in the Loyalty Program, we will send you business messages about our products and services, discount events or the status of your points. The total amount to be paid remains the same regardless of whether or not you participate in this Program.

1. The Loyalty Program is supported by Marks and Spencer and is open to all Marks and Spencer customers who have duly registered through the registration form and which Marks and Spencer has included in the Program.

2. Only customers residing in the Czech Republic who have only one active M&S card can participate in the program. People 18 and older can apply for an M&S card. Your membership in the Loyalty Program will begin when your M&S Card is activated, or if we decide that you can participate in the Loyalty Program and terminate by canceling your M&S Card, or if we decide that the Loyalty Program will no longer run. The loyalty program is operated by Marks and Spencer.

3. Membership of the Program is entirely at our discretion, and we reserve the right to refuse any application.

4. Members can terminate membership at any time by sending an application to klub@marks-and-spencer.cz or returning an M&S loyalty card to a Marks and Spencer store. Marks and Spencer reserves the right to terminate membership and delete earned points from an M&S account if a member has not used their loyalty card for 24 months or without giving any reason.

5. M&S points will be allocated according to the following key: when making purchases at Marks and Spencer stores in the Czech Republic after presenting a valid M&S club card or when purchasing M&S goods online through online stores available at www.marksandspencer.cz and www.rohlik.cz, provided that the customer entered their M&S club card number when registering, one point can be earned for every one crown spent. Points earned by customers for purchases at M&S stores or online purchases are valid for 2 years. Points earned by special bonus offers (using bonus coupons, etc.) or the ad-hoc crediting of points on their account are only valid for 1 year. If the points are not converted into vouchers during this period, the points expire after the expiry date and the customer is no longer entitled to the expired points.

6. M&S Points cannot be earned on M&S gift vouchers or other items that we deem not to be included in this program.

7. The M&S Cardholder has the opportunity to receive additional benefits associated with joining the M&S Loyalty Program. You will be informed if such an offer is made. To earn bonus points or other benefits, you must present your M&S card while paying and fulfill all the terms and conditions associated with the offer. The bonus points earned are displayed with a daily delay (on your receipt and M&S account in the mobile app).

8. We are not responsible for non-delivery or late delivery of offers due to incorrect contact details or caused by third parties and they can not be requested afterwards. M&S is not responsible for the loss, theft or destruction of any coupons.

9. If the minimum spend amount is set to earn bonus M&S points, this minimum amount must be paid in full, i.e. after discounts and all other allowable deductions, the amount remaining to be paid by the customer must reach the value required to earn bonus points.

10. You will not earn any M&S points for amounts spent on invoice purchases, as well as at Marks and Spencer stores abroad, including purchases on the www.marksandspencer.com website for foreign countries.

11. We reserve the right to change the available M&S points and the key for their allocation or to completely cancel the M&S points offer according to the current situation. All changes will be announced in our stores, you will be informed about them in the communication on remuneration received, or they will be announced in writing, on our website or through external communication (e.g. in national press advertisements).

12. M&S points cannot be redeemed for money, M&S gift vouchers or bonus coupons. M&S points and discount vouchers or bonus coupons may not be transferred from one person to another unless we specifically notify or approve this exception.

13. M&S points will only be awarded to a valid and activated M&S Card at the time of purchase.

14. At the end of the earning period, M&S points will be converted to M&S discount coupons that will be sent to you. Any M&S points that are not converted to M&S discount coupons will be converted to these coupons on the next M&S discount voucher date and will be included in your statement of points in the reward statement sent by post and in the mobile app if the customer earns enough points to receive the reward. For every 3,000 points you earn, you will receive a cash coupon worth CZK 30 for your next purchase in the reward statement for the new season.

15. In the event that the number of points does not change from the previous statement, or if sufficient points are not earned for the allocation of M&S discount coupons, we reserve the right not to send cardholders notice of the allocation of M&S discount or bonus coupons. The minimum amount of the customer account to receive the reward is CZK 3000, or 3,000 points, and the minimum reward value sent for each point collection period will be determined at our discretion.

16. M&S discount and bonus coupons are valid until the date indicated on these coupons. M&S coupons submitted after this expiration date will not be accepted unless we approve otherwise. M&S discount and bonus vouchers can only be exchanged for Marks and Spencer goods and services at Marks & Spencer stores in the Czech Republic. Bonus and discount coupons cannot be assigned to a purchase retroactively. Does not apply to online stores.

17. No refund will be given if the purchase price is less than the value shown on the coupon.

18. M&S gift vouchers are valid at all Marks and Spencer stores in the Czech Republic. If there is a change in the possibilities of using M&S gift vouchers, you will be notified in your regular rewards statement. Does not apply to online stores.

19. M&S gift vouchers cannot be used to purchase Marks and Spencer gift vouchers, for purchases via the Marks & Spencer UK website or any catalog or other publication unless we notify you otherwise.

20. We reserve the right to change or cancel any products / services / offers that are available for the use of M&S discount or bonus coupons at any time without notice.

21. We are not responsible for any loss, destruction, theft or non-delivery of M&S gift, discount or bonus vouchers once they are sent to you.

22. If the merchandise or service is obtained from Marks and Spencer stores exclusively for M&S gift vouchers, refunds are settled exclusively by means of credit vouchers in the event of returning goods. In this case, cash will not be refunded. Alternatively, credit vouchers may be returned at a value equal to the M&S gift voucher originally received. If you change your mind about the items you purchased and if you used your M&S card to make a purchase, you should present your M&S card with the returned goods so that any M&S points earned on the original purchase can be deducted from your account. Any return of goods will be reflected in your M&S point account. The current number of points is displayed on each M&S receipt and in the mobile app. If the purchase entitles you to earn bonus points and the return of the goods will violate the original promotion criteria, then the bonus points earned during the original purchase will be deducted from your customer account. If you are refunded money for a purchase after the issue of M&S discount vouchers, the points earned as part of the original transaction will be deducted and your account balance in the mobile app may be negative.

23. When a product purchased using an M&S card is returned, the points earned on its account will be deducted. In the event that discount vouchers that the customer receives in the rewards statement for the new season were used during a purchase, the points will be converted and returned to the M & S card. In the following statement the customer will receive the returned discount vouchers according to the total balance of their point account.

24. For each M&S cardholder, an online account is automatically created in the mobile app, where they can update their contact information, review all purchases (for which they have presented an M&S card), the status of points and unused discount and cash coupons.

25. All of the goods and services listed in the message on rewards are subject to availability and prices at some Marks & Spencer stores may differ from the prices listed in the reward materials sent. Printing errors and price changes reserved.

26. We reserve the right to cancel the M&S Loyalty Program at any time by written notice to M&S cardholders within seven days of sending the written notice.

27. We reserve the right to change or modify the terms and conditions of the M&S Loyalty Program. All changes will be announced in our stores and you will be informed about them in writing, on our website or through external communication.

Information on the processing of personal data

28. Marks and Spencer processes the personal data of members of the Loyalty Program for direct marketing as an administrator, provided that they are also Marks and Spencer customers, to the extent that they were provided through the registration form. In addition, Marks and Spencer processes information about the purchase history, use of discount coupons and use of promotions for the members of the Loyalty Program. In this case, Marks and Spencer has a legitimate interest in promoting its goods and services to members of the Loyalty Program.

29. The above processing of personal data by Marks and Spencer includes:

  • Written Loyalty Program registration: Written registration to the loyalty program in stores.
  • Online Loyalty Program registration: Online Loyalty Program registration on the Internet and in the M&S mobile application.
  • Customer and campaign segmentation: The segmentation of customers and marketing campaigns for members of the Loyalty Program. Deciding on offers, on giving discounts to customers, and on inviting them to club events.
  • Sending out email campaigns: Sending email campaigns to members of the Loyalty Program.
  • Printing and sending direct mails: Printing and sending direct mails (letter) with discount vouchers, invitations to club events and raffle tickets for club events to members of the Loyalty Program.
  • Sending out of SMS messages: Sending of SMS messages to members of the Loyalty Program.
  • Discount vouchers on receipts: Discount vouchers for members of the Loyalty Program on receipts for purchased goods.
  • M&S mobile app: Smart device application that allows members of the Loyalty Program to view shopping history, discount coupons, notification of new offers, and personal information editing.
  • Club events: Verification of incoming club members and a raffle for incoming club members at club events.

30. Marks and Spencer hereby explicitly reminds customers that automated customer preferences (“profiling”) are used to personalize offers for specific customers (“targeted advertising”).

31. The customer has the right to object to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes as well as profiling at any time free of charge. If a customer objects to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes, Marks and Spencer undertakes not to process the personal data for that purpose. If a customer objects to profiling, Marks and Spencer undertakes to stop profiling in relation to the customer. At the moment of termination of the processing of the customer’s personal data, the membership in the Loyalty Program ends at the same time, as the purpose of membership can no longer be fulfilled.

32. The customers‘ personal data may be transferred to specialized external entities (hereinafter referred to as „the processor“), which provide Marks and Spencer with the information systems operation services or marketing activities specified in the personal data processing descriptions above under the applicable personal data processing agreement and inter alia, personal data security obligations to the extent set by GDPR. For a particular processor, Marks and Spencer selects, after careful consideration, only the person who will provide maximum assurance on the technical and organizational security of the protection of the personal data transmitted.

33. Marks and Spencer declares that it will process the Customer’s personal data for as long as is necessary for the duration of the Loyalty Program membership.

34. Customers have the following rights resulting from the GDPR in relation to the processing of their personal data:

  • right of access to personal data (the customer has the right to receive confirmation whether or not the customer’s personal information is processed);
  • right of rectification (the customer has the right to have their inaccurate personal data corrected or incomplete personal data added without undue delay);
  • right of erasure (The customer has the right to have their personal data deleted without undue delay if one of the legal reasons is given);
  • processing restriction right;
  • data portability right (in lawful cases, the customer has the right to retrieve their personal data provided to Marks and Spencer in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and to transmit this data to another data controller without being prevented from doing so);
  • the right to object ;
  • the right not to be subject to any decision based solely on automated processing (the customer has the right not to be subject to any decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling that has legal effects for him or similarly affects them);
  • the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority , which is the Office for Personal Data Protection, with its registered office at Pplk. Sochora 727/27, Zip code 170 00, Praha 7.

35. By accepting these terms and conditions, the candidate confirms that they have read the Personal Data Protection Policy available here.

36. We reserve the right to take any appropriate measures if the M&S cardholder violates the Loyalty Program Terms.

Contact Details

Marks and Spencer Czech Republic, a.s., BB Centrum – Building D, Jemnická 1138/1, Prague 4 – Michle, 140 00, Czech Republic, Company ID: 649 49 974, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File No. 3820

Contact email: klub@marks-and-spencer.cz

Telephone number: +420 221 987 200